How to Evaluate a Board Portal Solution

Board portals are a useful tool that allows organizations to simplify their meeting preparation improve governance practices, and ensure compliance with the ever-changing regulatory landscape. It is important to select the right solution for your company’s requirements and goals. When looking at different solutions here are a few important things to consider.

Find out if the software offers a platform that combines various functions like document management, communication, and voting. This can reduce the cost associated with deploying and managing multiple software tools and systems.

Be sure that the solution you choose provides a user-friendly interface for both administrators and directors to make accessing information easy and intuitive. This will also increase the adoption and use of the system.

Check if the solution is equipped with a strong security system to protect sensitive and private data. This includes features such as user-specific settings for end users with two-factor authentication, third-party penetration tests conducted by a third party and periodic security audits.

Examine if the system you are considering has the ability for administrators to easily monitor changes to documents, resulting in an accurate audit trail. This will help mitigate the chance of accidental changes to critical documentation.

Check if a portal for board members is accessible from any device, which is particularly beneficial for organizations that have directors who travel frequently or work remotely. This will let them keep track of meetings and discussions from their office without having to be managing multiple logins and moving between different platforms.

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