Romanian Ceremony Customs

One of the most significant occasions in a couple romanian mail order brides is and family’s lifestyle is the Romanian ceremony. It is also the event for everyone to go all out and use their best outfits: suit for males, dresses for women and coiffed scalp are a must.

There is a lot of dancing happening most of the time. Traditional folk music, which can range from disco to pop, is still a common genre ( hora or sarba ), and there is even a song called “penguin’s dance.”

Another ritual called legatoarea occurs closer to the end of the night. During the song” Say goodbye to your dad, your mom, to your brothers and sisters” (” Ia- si miresa papa, de la mama, de persoanele voastre” ) a aunt takes off the bride’s mask. The way a bride is no longer a child, but a lady who may care for her home is symbolized by the three occasions she has refused. The solitary woman who managed to catch the marital blossom bouquet did wear a nose scarf instead of the veil.

The final history Badea mentions is that after the breakfast and donation series a group of people does appear out to do the” Dance of the Chickens”. They will deliver a cigarette dangling from their snouts along with painted trays of roasted meat. The chickens will be” sold” to the best man and matron of honor, who will offer a certain sum of money to support the couple’s gifts and show how proud they are of their special attendant duties.

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